by Betty Lenard

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released March 20, 2010

Songs/Lyrics by Betty Lenard
"Megszabadultam" by Thomas Geiger
Piano on track 8 by Kevin Reuter
Drums on tracks 1,2,4,8 by Aaron Thier
Bass on tracks 2,4,10 by Chris Wendt
Bass on track 3 by Wolfram "Woofy" Abt
Bass on track 7 by Markus "Mackel" Grosskopf
Acoustic Guitars on track 3 by Warthy
Violin on track 4 by Monika Romanovska
Percussion by Wolfgang Nietschke
Cello by Thomas Geiger
Drums on tracks 3,5,7 by Thomas Geiger

Recorded by Thomas Geiger
Mix by Roland Rath and Thomas Geiger
Master by Mazen Murad

Produced by Thomas Geiger


all rights reserved



Betty Lenard London, UK

I am singing. I am writing.
I like to think about what's possible and why we think it's not. Music connects my inner world with the ouside.
I'd love to make a connection. With you.
Are you a listener? then tell me what you feel when you listen to my music. Do you want to connect with me through music? I'm happy to hear from you.
With Love, Betty
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Track Name: Drain a Cup
Drain a cup

I‘ll have my last cup of tea
then I‘ll go to bed
I‘ll have my last cup of tea
Tonight I‘ll close my eyes and I‘ll tell my wish
if something happens I‘ll be rich
or I‘ll find a boy to love
or a boy who loves me too

I‘ll set my table so nicely
full with flowers for you
Take a seat you‘re invited
to share this cake with me
I‘ll close my eyes and say a prayr
I`ll bless this day I bet you‘ll come
and take your seat
cause I have set table all so nicely for you

come with me boy I‘ll take care of you
don‘t you leave me you won‘t find me again

I‘ll have my last cup of tea
then I‘ll go to bed
Tonight I‘ll close my eyes
I‘ve been waiting all those years
that you‘ll turn out the light
when we fall asleep
together, together my sweet boy

take a bit of that cake...
take a bit of that love...
love me...
Track Name: Message in the Snow
Message in the Snow

Take me
My senses call out for love
Don‘t draw me back again
I dream away my fears
If something gets to rough
I steal away from here

I leave a message in the snow
an innuendo not to solve

Light falls on my soul
I gaze into the fog and I‘m avoiding to decide
if wisdom met this moment
she won‘t let me go far
it‘s only one more step
to firmly stand again

I wanna steel I wanna steel away . . .
Track Name: So She Falls
So she falls

So she falls in the rain she falls

She‘s so pretty tonight
Life‘s unreal and phony now
She needs a hiding place to understand
what she is all about

So she falls in the rain she falls

She is lost in a cage of emotions
where her shadow is reigning within
all she wants is a way to find out here
so she falls to uncover the silence

She‘s skipping on a switchblade
holding on to the past
Life‘s keeping her in a twilight zone
all she wants is to come home

So she falls in the rain she falls

All she wants is a way to find out here
to uncover the silence
Track Name: Soldier

this is what you can remember
when you left to go away
you recalled to be a soldier
marching `cross a mighty land

it won‘t be easy to leave so much undone

do you have to be a victim
bearing empty promisses
or have you long been giving in
while the law enslaves the truth

you‘ll find your rainbow
you‘ll find your place to go

You‘re upon clouds - passing through your mind
Starting to see nothings left behind
you cry bitter tears to walls breaking down
you can‘t hold on to what‘s just been drowned

you wonder if your ragged shoes would carry you on this long way
Hypnotized as it starts to dawn you stand in awe and hear them moan
You come to pause on this old ground shed ya armour to cry out
that your time has come to leave this bloody heaven
Track Name: Risky Girl
Risky girl

Risky risky girl
she can‘t find a save place
her heavenly father has disappeared
she wants to believe not to worship

She gets the looks- I‘m the watcher
She‘s intertwined with my life

Risky risky girl
anxieties will hit her
they advice her of caution
tell her to leave it at that

Tie her to a chair now she‘s captured
Somebody‘s trying to tame her

I see her image on a sail of a boat that‘s sinking
It‘s melting with the ocean that lies deep in me
I‘m diving where these waters are deep

Risky risky girl
She needs to take a flying leap in the dark
It‘s not about salvation but to be relased

She‘s innocent for all the stolen revelations

I see her image on a sail of a boat that‘s sinking
It‘s melting with the ocean that lies deep in me
I‘m diving where these waters are deep
Track Name: Dancer

the world is turning slowly
people spinning around
I‘m sitting under a table
watching you in the dancing crowd

ohhh dancer, dancer dance for me a while .....

Sliding from me to you
you cover the air with your scent
Your skin inhales the fire of life

ohhh dancer, dancer dance for me a while .....

abiding in a haze
your body extends and reunites
you take away my despair and turn it into grace

----------at the moment when you fall

ohhh dancer, dancer dance for me a while .....

oh you‘ve touched me deeply
you're dancing my dance of life

oh isn‘t it beauty isn‘t bliss
now I have arrived.
Track Name: Let Go
Let go

All I give is all I get
if nothing remains there‘s no regret

Cold stone face don‘t look at me
I have shared to much time with you

I‘m releaved if I let you go (I let you go)
I‘m releaved if I won‘t let you grow over me

In my memory we lie there so entwined
I won‘t forget you but I can‘t let you grow over me

I wanna grow like the spume on a wave
and I wanna feel like a ghost unleashed
I don‘t seek a life of misery
I just need a bracing kiss
I wanna grow, let me grow
Track Name: Engrave

a few minutes away there is a shining wall,
skadi walks on the edge throws icy misterys out
her memories have built a fortress it's catching me
comprehend the epiphany to break on through

Engrave yourself into this world

On a thin ground I skate upon the elements
I take her lore to rouse my privilege to dream
as I engrave into the wind, into the ice
my lightning will proceed to perpetuity

Engrave yourself into this world

seek -- sought me in me --no one I‘ll be but I‘ll be with me
find-- found me in you --- somewhere you‘ll be and you‘ll be with me craving to

Engrave yourself into this world

background vocals:
I engrave my brand into the skin surrounded by a guarding light
illuminated from behind returning to an ancient site

i engrave my brand into the skin, a canvas to reveal the rite
illuminated from behind proceed to perpetuity
Track Name: Sleep

Sleep when the night has come
To dream when your dreams have gone
Sleep when the night has come
To dream when your dreams have gone

Night comes near
The wind draws tears in my eyes
Rest your head
Don’t you cry
Wherever you are tonight
What happened in the past will kiss the morning awake

Leave your wings behind
For you can fly

You see me
Resting by the river
But you carry on
I see you vanishing
Creatures that may cross will comfort you in the dark

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